TMC Pharma (EU) Ltd

TMC EU is based in Waterford, Ireland, and works in partnership with its sister company, TMC Pharma Services, based in the UK and TMC Pharma Japan, based in Tokyo.

Together, the TMC companies provide a full range of expert pharma/biotech support services working around the world.

TMC is unique in two ways:


The breadth of our services...

TMC offers end-to-end Pharma/Biotech development services for human & veterinary medicines and devices from pre-clinical to post-marketing


The way we provide those services...

We tailor our range of services to every Client’s individual needs and our worldwide team of over 600 mature experts can be used to manage as much, or as little, as a client company needs.

What TMC Companies Do

Our development support activities span early pre-clinical phase right through to post-marketing. TMC provides all the functions of a fully-resourced pharmaceutical company and we often provide 'bolt-on'; services complementing a client's in-house resource to enable them to have all the development capability appropriate to the stage of their project.

We cover all therapeutic areas but have particular expertise in:

  • Rare and orphan diseases
  • Advanced Therapy Investigational Medicinal Products including stem cells and other cell-based therapies
  • Oncology including biologics and immuno-oncology

We have pioneered the early development pathway for novel advanced therapy agents; right from the manufacturing stage.

How We Do It

The TMC network of over 600 personnel (Employees and Associates) includes some of the very best subject-matter experts in medicinal product development.

Our specific teams are hand-picked to match exactly the needs of each individual project. The team make up evolves smoothly along with the progress of the project, responding intelligently to the specific needs at each stage of development, and thereby driving the project to a successful conclusion.

This approach makes us nimble, light on our feet, flexible and cost-effective.

Where We Do It

TMC is working all over the Globe. We have offices and hubs in key countries – particularly in EU, UK, Japan and North America.

Our core team of highly-experienced Senior Executives in TMC's Head Office collaborate with our loyal and established network of Associates located around the world.

We are continuously adding Associates to the team, as required, and they all provide expert, current, local knowledge.

Our Clients

TMC works right across the size spectrum of pharma/biotech companies worldwide (from start-ups to Big Pharma) and Academic Institutions.

Partnership: The TMC Way of Working

TMC came from a consultancy background. This makes us different from other service providers: we prefer to act as partners with our clients, providing a blend of consultancy/strategic advice and efficient implementation.

Our highly-experienced team has an outstanding track record of delivering successful projects across multiple disciplines... Find out more.